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MISTAH DRIVER AUTO SCHOOL is the result of a long series of communication: feelings, ideas, history and attitude of a community that is built on mutual trust and harmony. That is our philosophical template. And it is driven by the sensibilities of the community; it is emboldened by charisma. Moreover, it is connected by a quirky sense of everyday occurrence.

Yes, quirky. And sometimes, wacky ... comical in essence. It is our signature approach to a community-based interactive alliance in which a simplified, improvisational one-on-one, laugh out loud rapport is perfected.

Yeah, we're savvy like that.

So c'mon ... get in the driver's side... start something. We'll get you the giggles. The vibes of friendship will captivate you. It's a real crack-you-up piece of theater. You'd never realize it's a driving lesson. And, by the way, a full mouth of teeth is essential. But not mandatory!

Our Advantages

Learning’s Breezy When It’s Fun and Exciting

Drive Into Your Comfort Zone​

Student drivers learn more when they form a connection with an instructor who can turn a driving lesson into a wacky and fun session of getting to know the road. Mistah P does more than just fill the bill. He goes beyond the clinical approach and brings goofy and even theatrical applications to the driving lesson. He can do so without diluting the essence of what driving in New York City is like.

Chill a Little Bit

This is mostly due to his ability to integrate his Caribbean culture with American protocol. With the calming effect of music and a good sense of humor, driving with Mistah P becomes a session of wholehearted fun for many of his students.

Remember to Bring It With You

Mistah P believes that everyone can pass a road test and get a driver's license. It's simply a matter of understanding your learning curve and accepting your anxieties as part of the developmental process. Most of all, he wants people to remember that they have a funny bone! Learning is always more effective when you have a good laugh! So don't forget to bring your humor with you to your next lesson!

Learn how to handle the road, the right way!

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